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 Please Note    Advertising Requirements under the Motor Car Traders Regulations 1998.

Private Advertisers as at 1 July 1998. If a person (other than a motor car trader or a servant or an agent/ of a motor car trader) publishes or causes to be published an advertisement offering a used motor car for sale in a newspaper generally circulating in the whole or part of Victoria, or in a motor car specialist magazine generally circulating in the whole, or part of Victoria, the person must include in the advertisement the cash price of the motor car
 and which ever of the following is applicable
 The registration number; or
 The engine number of the vehicle; or
The chassis number of the vehicle; or 
The vehicle identification number (if any) last assigned to the vehicle;
or if none of those numbers are reasonably ascertainable, any other number to identify the vehicle
Vehicles advertised for sale on this website must be more than 25 years of age.




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