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                         1st  (Tue) AGM Meeting at 7.30pm at the Johnsonville Hall 

10-14th     Annual (Host Ian Gillick) Venue: North Eastern Victoria

17th (Thur) Riviera Coffee Cruise Venue TBA - (Host Carol Forbes)

27th (Sun) Inspection/Red Plate Day – 8.00am Start – Venue: Gillicks Bus Depot


All events will commence at Howitt Park unless advised otherwise

Event Registration sheets will be available at the monthly meeting

Allan Ross - Events Co-Ordinator - Phone  0428 591 249

Riviera Lakes Car Club

The CHAC-RL Club was formed in 1989 and Incorporated in 2002.

Our Club was convened by a small group of East Gippsland Classic Vehicle enthusiasts to foster an interest in owning, restoring, and enjoying the use of Classic and Historic Vehicles. The main objective of forming such a Club was to build and maintain an organisation of like minded individuals who would join in meetings, social outings and events in a friendly atmosphere.

This formula has worked very well over the years since the Club was formed and most of the 150+ individual members in our club are not only fellow members but also close friends.

Members of the public who may be gaining an interest in Classic or Historic Vehicles or newcomers retiring to our area, who may already have an interest, or would like to be involved in this great hobby, will be made most welcome by the members of the CHAC-Riviera Lakes club.

Our  Club Meetings are held at Johnsonville in the Public Hall on the 1st Tuesday of every calendar month except for January.

 Our meetings starts at 7.30pm but we encourage all our members to arrive around 7.00 pm so that they can browse our business table, looking at upcoming Events etc. After the Meeting is held, Supper is served.

CHAC-Riviera Lakes club has a very active calendar of events, which include a monthly “Coffee Cruise”, Monthly Outings and Events and Extended Tours.  Rocker Cover Races on our specially built track are very popular and involve the whole family.

 Our monthly Club Meetings are held in the “Johnsonville Hall”  

at 7:30 pm on the 1st Tuesday of the calendar month. (except January)

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Club Vehicle of The Year

Congratulations to Anne and Noel (Mr Monaro!!). Their Monaro was voted the 2018 Vehicle of the Year.






Club Member of the Year

The vote for Club Member of the year resulted in Carol Forbes and Dorothy Slater sharing the award.

Carol was recognized for her great contribution in regard to welcoming members and guests and recording attendances and vehicles at club meetings and events. Dorothy was recognized for organizing the Annual Club Grand Tours during the last five years and also for her contribution as the Clubs first Welfare Officer.